Hey it’s Dave! 

I use content and copywriting to save the world…or at least grow your business!

Whether you’re just starting out, launching a new product, or trying to expand your market reach, I’ll help you connect with the customers you need, and build out REAL relationships that last. 

So who is Dave?

I have been in sales and marketing for the past 15 years. During that time, I’ve worked for some great companies, started 4 of my own, and connected with a TON of awesome people along the way!

My freelance copywriting services began in 2019 as a way to help companies reach more customers, share their stories, build lasting relationships, and grow their businesses.

In addition to my copy work, I’m incredibly grateful to be a dad to 3 amazing kids, lucky enough to have my best friend as my wife (17 years going strong!), draw weekly cartoons over at crafted1k.com, and recently created the creative hub for all my marketing services at topsailcreative.com

My Core Offering:

Email Copywriting 100%
Cold Outreach + Discovery 85%
Customer Development + Upselling 95%
Lead Generation 80%
Customer Management + RETENTION! 85%

My philosophy is really simple, yet powerful. 

Get in THEIR shoes

The focus needs to be on the customer. What's going on in their world, and how can your product or service help?


Creativity and Empathy are the tools of choice that turn Email into Action. Daily!

Long Term Growth

It's not just about getting more connections and revenue NOW, it's doing so year after year.

Happy Customers include:

Ready to grow? Let’s Connect!